You Are Clueless When it Comes to Internet Dating!

I can’t believe how many ridiculous mistakes I have seen as I have been making over online dating profiles. I could write a book on the subject but don’t really have the energy for it. So here are 5 quick tips as to how you just might be screwing up. I will write 5 more soon but please let me know which ones you have participated in.

  1. Your primary picture is dark, distant or blurry. If this is the case you will be overlooked right at the window shopping stage. You just sort of fade out when one is doing that quick search.
  2. You wrote a book for your bio. People want to get in and out when reading these things. No one wants to spend more than a minute on your profile. Write two quick paragraphs that are fun and catchy as opposed to posting a resume or life story!
  3. Your first sentence is a tribute to your children. You let your date know what a wonderful parent you are. Trust me although that is a nice quality you need to be a sexy single in your internet dating profile. And no kid pictures. Your potential date is not ready to meet the family.
  4. Women-You claim your independence in your profile. You almost scream that you really don’t need a man for anything and sound hardened and angry.
  5. Men-You tell us how successful, confident and good looking you are in that first line. Really you just make us want to throw up!

I know it is hard to put yourself out there and I know so many people are just clueless about what to write. Take these tips and if you need more help just email me at But please don’t sit around and complain about how much you hate these sites when you have never reached out for help!

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