Who Will Succeed on the Facebook Dating Platform?

If you meet the below criteria the likelihood of you finding love on the facebook dating platform will only improve.

  1. You are a single person that understands that the military, widowed, doctor posing for a picture with his stethoscope is nothing but a scam. The flawless, gorgeous woman with perfect cleavage who lives 500 miles away is fake. If you are still having trouble spotting a fake profile just never send money to anyone.


  1. You are a single person who is willing to admit that you are doing something wrong in the dating arena. Are you too clingy, emotionally guarded, having sex too soon, annoying or not at your physical best? Be honest with yourself, figure it out and fix it. And if you are one of those complaining that these are all hook up sites you might want to take a look at your profile, the messages being sent and the signs of a hook up artist. Because I can assure you not all people on these sites just want a hook up.


  1. You are a single person who is willing to stop letting fear and excuses hold you back. Facebook has stated that this platform will not be visible to your friend list. I understand there is doubt. But just for blogging purposes imagine that a friend could see your facebook dating profile. Why is there any shame in being single and looking for love?


  1. You are a single person willing to lose the negative attitude about dating. We are chatting about this in our facebook group. Many are saying that they would not use this for various reasons. If this service is free, easy to use and right at your finger tips you are going to give it a try. The worst thing that happens is that you cancel it and you go back to your regular life of being single. The best thing that happens is you find true love.


  1. You are going to avoid and break away from the haters. You can always find a group of friends that endlessly complain about dating. They are victims who blame everyone else for why they are single. If you surround yourself with these people you will get sucked in to their negative energy like a tornado.

Of course a facebook dating platform can work to help you find true love! I am not suggesting it is better or worse than match, tinder or any other site. I think the one common denominator is you! If you are making the same mistakes you are going to have the same results on every site. When you are really ready to find love sign up for all the sites. You need quantity to get to quality. It is like picking out an avocado. You don’t just grab the first one you see. Now get out there and make it happen.

For more information visit got5minutes.com or email datedoctor@got5minutes.com.

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