Why Would You Ever Put This in Your Match.com Profile?

Top 5 Female Match.com Mistakes
I just finished another match.com makeover and got caught up looking at other women’s profiles. I am happily married but couldn’t fight the urge to see how others prepared their profiles.
Here are my top 5 biggest mistakes that women make with their profiles. Later this week I will post one for the men too!

1. I am quite surprised by how many women write about their children in the very first sentence. Sure you can be proud and mention them but not in the very first sentence. I wonder how many of these women feel a bit guilty being on this dating site so they find it necessary to immediately think of their children. I fully understand that your children are a priority. I have two and I adore them. But please take a few sentences to define who you are as a single, attractive woman. A guy really needs to get to know you first. And if he falls in love with you, he will likely love the whole package that you have to offer.

2. Don’t share your negative experiences with internet dating right in your profile. This particular one said “I can’t believe I am back on this after I swore I would never do this again.” This is only giving the message that you have had some history of dating drama and no guy cares to hear about this in the very first sentence.

3. Internet dating profiles are not therapy sessions. This particular post said “This is very hard for me as I am just getting out of a relationship after a very long time.” You never want to advertise that you may not be over a past relationship. This conversation is meant for your best friend or therapist.

4. If you have made stupid mistakes in the past then learn from them but don’t advertise them on your profile. Here I am referring to an opening line that read “I am not into liars, cheater or head games.” Trust me this message actually screams that these are things you have been tolerant of in the past and I would just delete those right off that profile.

5. The pictures will make or break your profile! I saw a few very sexy photos. If you are going to expose a lot of skin, lie on a bed or strike a very sexy pose that is your choice. But please don’t come asking why so many men begin their conversations with a sexual tone. Based on some of the pics I have viewed tonight I have to say that you are really asking for this.

Fortunately for many women the guys don’t always read the entire profile. But more and more guys claim they are taking a closer look. Internet dating works, in fact I met my husband on match.com 10 years ago. If you are not getting a good response don’t get frustrated and blame the opposite sex. Take some time to revisit your profile and give it a little make over. This can make a world of difference.

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