Why Would You Ever Post That Pic?

blind-datesIf you have bad internet dating profile pictures this is sure to help you. If you are viewing really bad profiles pictures this is sure to make you laugh. Here are my top five tips on the subject.

1. If the picture isn’t within the year ask yourself these questions…

Am I so delusional that I actually think I still look like this?

Do I fear rejection so badly that I think I will pretend this is me just to get a date?

Do I actually think she won’t notice that I am completely bald in real life and have a full head of hair in my pictures?

If you fear the rejection I can promise you that you will still get rejected. The rejection will just take place after you dropped $60 on dinner and the girl pulls away at the kiss. Just be honest with yourself. If you don’t like it change it! But don’t edit the picture to disguise it.

2. Many singles in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are on these sites. We are aging and that we can’t hide. But you don’t need to scream it in your pictures. Take the reading glasses off your head and don’t pose on a rocking chair. I just did a makeover and wanted to photoshop knitting needles in her hands to drive my point home.

3. Look at the background. If it is a mess, cluttered or you have a bong as a centerpiece cut it out of the picture.

4. Nothing says “I have no friends” like a selfie. If you can’t find anyone to snap a quick picture of you these days something is up.

5. Please know a professional business photo is for your career. Sorry but if I see a realtor photo on a billboard appear as a match profile picture that would be a little creepy.

Nothing is as important as a profile picture when looking for love online. Take the time to do it right! Don’t search through endless pictures to find one that fits in the box. Take some great new pictures, have a positive attitude and you will find your match!

If you need any help with your profile just let me know https://got5minutes.com/match-com-makeovers/

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