Why Wear the Wedding Ring?

I admit it I don’t like wearing my wedding ring. I could make up some reasons but truth is I just don’t like jewelry. I wear earrings and random necklaces that would be considered costume jewelry. 12 years ago my husband and I visited North Hampton, MA and I selected a ring for a few hundred dollars. It is a cool artsy ring that I still love. And when we go out on a date (which is rare) I always put it on. My husband has huge hands (those who have read my others blogs know I don’t date guys with small hands). He doesn’t like jewelry and quite honestly a ring on those sausage fingers would look pretty gross! So most of the time Erik and I are ringless!

Ancient Romans believed that you wear the ring on the 4th left finger because that vein goes straight to the heart. Well truth is that my husband and I don’t put a lot of weight on any ancient beliefs! I remember years ago when I got married the first time around.  I announced to friends that I got a ring and everyone asked things like “how big is it, how many karats, what is the cut?” Did this crap really even matter? There was a time when it felt like everyone was competing for the best ring. Those girls with the biggest rings, the most diamonds and the turquoise boxes ended up spending more money on divorce attorneys then they did on their ring!

Forcing a ring on anyone’s hand will never stop a cheater! It doesn’t ensure a relationship is monogamous and actually seems like an unnecessary battle. I can’t imagine getting into a fight with Erik over this. I knew I loved him, trusted he was committed to me and felt I needed to respect that he doesn’t’ want to wear a ring. I recognize that a ring lets others know that we are off the market. But I trust Erik would never lead anyone to believe otherwise. I would rather the solid relationship and trust give me a sense of security as opposed to a piece of gold or silver.

Now if you both respect the traditional values and enjoy your materialistic ornament than I fully respect that! If you work hard and value beautiful jewels you should enjoy it! Wear it and look beautiful! For me personally I wanted to put that money toward my home! I am much happier to sit by my beautiful swimming pool then look at a 2 karat diamond. And I am guessing they cost about the same amount money.

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