Why I Want Nothing Valentines Day

Many years ago when I worked for the state I was in the lunch room with two co coworkers on Valentines Day. They were raving about the roses, jewelry and candy they received from a boyfriend they complained about the rest of the year. I was happy for them and joked about getting just a card (I still have the card). Within weeks they were both cheated on and dumped and I was engaged. I didn’t care or need the the gifts because I knew how my boyfriend felt about me everyday.

Being acknowledged on Valentines Day is sweet. Sure we all love a thoughtful gift. But remember that the size of the gift doesn’t represent the love they feel. In fact I have found the opposite. Sometimes those big gift givers are overcompensating for many other things lacking in the relationship.

There certainly are exceptions and we all know those super sweet guys who set the bar high and make our husbands look like insensitive scumbags. But many men aren’t good at this. If your husband does enough great things to make you happy focus on that. Don’t judge him for his lack of gift giving skills.

And guys if you are reading this… It is not a free ticket to skip Valentines Date. But if you treat her right the rest of the year her she will be happier with far less.

Personally for me…

I am happy to get nothing for Valentines Day.

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