As you may know we started the podcast again. You can find it here.  We are using Amazon S3 for storage of the mp3 files that are delivered via RSS feeds. Like any other podcaster we really want to know how many people are listening to the show.

We push our podcast through iTunes, stitcher and our own RSS feed. Stitcher does this thing where they download/modify and then push the mp3 through their own system.  Stitcher provides statistics for the people that are listening through their portal. For the rest of the downloads that we being pulled from Amazon S3 we are using S3stat. S3stat allows us to click on “files” and view how many downloads that there have been for a specific episode.  We can also view the referrers and countries that the listeners are located in. Oddly enough we have a fair amount of listeners in France.

As the show grows we will add sponsors or maybe go with a listener supported model. Either way the stats are valuable. I am sure you are wondering what are stats are. Our most recent episode has about 1,000 listeners. The older show are higher because there is some lag, but in the first week, about 1,000.

S3stat has this cheap bastard plan where if you blog about their fantastic service they will give it to you free. This is very generous of them.

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