Today’s Tips! All About Match

When writing that initial message on match don’t over think it! There is no need to rewrite your profile or start sharing all of the things you have in common. It is boring and it is not a natural way to start a conversation.

Imagine you are on an airplane and the person next to you looks cute and single. What might you say? Usually something quick. Likely you will ask them where they are headed and hope this leads to a bigger conversation. If they have a book you might ask about the book they are reading and see where that takes you.

Think of online dating in the same way. Ask something light and friendly and generate an organic, fun, natural discussion. If they mention they love sushi ask them if they ever tried Siam Cuisine. If they state in their profile that they enjoy Netflix binging ask them if they watched Bates Motel yet. These are fun, light and easy ways to start a conversation.

I can’t guarantee a response every time but if your profile looks great, you are writing to people with real profiles and you keep it fun… things will begin to improve!

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