To Call or Not To Call?

blind-datesI am constantly hearing this question about whether or not a girl should call a guy and under what circumstances this is acceptable.

1. It is true that guys like to pursue women. These are the rules and although I don’t make them I sure do understand them.

2. It is true that if a guy is really into you and really likes you that he will call. The only exception is that he may have some kind of emotional or intimacy issues that hold him back. If that is the case then better to find out now.

3. There are guys that will have a great time on a date with you. They may laugh a lot, compliment you and even kiss you goodnight. But at the end of the date they just don’t think you are the one. Women are different. We can not possibly pretend to be interested in a guy if we are not attracted to him. In fact we almost become rude on that date in the hope it will end sooner. But guys are different. They can enjoy the date which may appear to be leading you on. When in fact they are just making the most of spending time with you. So never assume that just because the date felt like a success that he will call.

4. However, if you are a woman and you had a great date with a guy and you are feeling anxious, stressed and all of this waiting is killing you then you need to make the call.

5. My take on this is that if the guy is really into you he will be happy to hear from you and you will have your answer. If he is not into then at least you will have your answer. The waiting games will be over and you can move on. One and only one call is not going to make an interested guy run for the hills. However, multiple calls and texts will make you look like a desperate stalker and he will run!

6. You can only initiate that follow up call once! If this turns into a pattern it might enable the guy to become lazy about initiating dates and you will always be left wondering and waiting. If the relationship causes you stress and anxiety then you know very well that this relationship is not for you.

7. If you are constantly dating the guy that doesn’t call and leaves you guessing then you need to take a look at yourself. Don’t play hard to get but genuinely be hard to get. Finding interests and hobbies will not only take your mind off of the guy calling but it will aslo make you far more appealing!

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