Tips For Moms (Single, Dating and Married)

truckSingles Moms-I love that you adore your kids, they are your top priority and you are a terrific mother. But please ladies this doesn’t need to be the first thing you say in your match profiles. It basically screams that you are one of those moms who feels guilty whenever you aren’t doing something for your kids. This sound a little weak and not very sexy.

Dating Moms-Don’t let your kids decide who you date. If your 8 year old hates the guy you bring home that is okay. Often young kids feel threatened by a new guy in the picture. Don’t introduce them too early and validate their feelings. But if you know the guy is a good one it is best to trust yourself and make your own decisions.

Moms in Committed Relationships-The biggest argument these couples have is about parenting. So often mothers try to protect their kids from any pain and suffering. It is a natural instinct but can be way overdone. If you boyfriend tries to point this out to you don’t get defensive. Perhaps there is something to learn here? Also know that if they have conflicts it is okay. Let your partner and child learn to resolve them on their own. It is part of the experiences they will have to deal with in real life. Show them that you trust them to work through it. Getting in the middle can and will just make things worse. Unless of course the guy is a total creep. Then you know it is just time to get rid of him.

Married Moms-I just celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday. My best dating advice is to be open to the possibility that you might be wrong. This doesn’t always mean you are wrong but just entertain that possibility. Recently, my husband accused me of being very crabby. My instinct was to debate it and create an argument. But I stopped myself and realized I was being a complete bitch. He was right. I decided to agree with him. We ended up both laughing and it avoided a huge fight. Just entertain the possibility you are wrong and if you realize you are right that is perfectly fine too.

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