The Turkey Dump

College kids call Thanksgiving Break the “turkey dump” as they return home for the holidays and break up with their hometown girlfriend to enjoy all college has to offer. Also some other couples on the verge of breaking up try to get that break up in before having to deal with the whole holiday gift exchange. While others hang on just to get through that last holiday together because they think that will be a better time. Whenever the dumping or being dumped actually happens this little quiz will help get you through.

1. With all the new technology folks are wondering what is the proper way to break up?
a. New websites are available to help you ( or
b. Texting
c. Phonecall
d. In Person

2. What is the best tip to help in getting over a break up?
a. Get out and grab some drinks with your friends
b. Rebound
c. Remind yourself of their most annoying habits
d. Call you friends and talk about what a loser he/she was

3. What are the best ways to get back out there?
b. Speed Dating
c. Noah Webster House Fundraiser December 8
d. You should convince yourself you will never date again

Answer key:
1. The best answer is C! Those websites are so cheesy. One of them you enter key words like her name and something you liked about her and it creates a sort of “madlib” response. Texting a break up is the coward way out. But no need to make it too dramatic and awkward by meeting in person. Unless of course you have been dating a very long time. A gentle, honest phone call simply saying that you are just not quite feeling that chemistry is the best thing to do. Even better if you can say it at the end of the date but it doesn’t always work out quite that way.

2. C Again. Remember we control our thoughts! If we keep convincing ourselves that they were so wonderful and we will never get over them, than that is what we will create. Be honest and remind yourself of the things that were annoying you and your needs that were going unmet. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you will get over this and you deserve to find someone that will love you right back. Yell and scream this until you believe it. And that voice that keeps chiming in telling you to cry and be miserable needs to be shushed!!!

3. Don’t ever let 1 bad relationship convince you to stop dating! Check out the events posted on answers A, B and C. There are so many great ways to get back out there.

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