The Dog Pound is a Lot Like Speed Dating

To start let me say that all speed daters are not dogs. In fact I own a speed dating company and most of the participants are quite charming. Charming just happens to be how I would describe some of the dogs I met today.

It has been about eight months since my old Pitbull passed away. It was time to start thinking about a new relationship! Those looking for love try speed dating or internet dating web sites. Those looking for a dog typically go to the pound or a pet shop. I prefer the pound and speed dating but all are great options.

I arrived at the pound and could see all the candidates yelling, barking and trying to get my attention. Similar to what happens during the ice breaker period of a speed dating event. In the crowd of puppies I spotted one that caught my eye. I felt that instant chemistry but didn’t get a chance to get too close. The officer sat my son and I down and the speed dating (or dog dating) began.

The first date was with a little puppy that was part Pitbull. Now we all have our deal breakers and Pitbull was one of my big ones. But this little guy just didn’t have enough of that Pitbull look. I needed a dog with more of an edge. Plus he was not very affectionate, didn’t give us much eye contact and although the date was pleasant I was ready for the next. There was no actual bell but I imagined one in my head just like you hear at a speed dating event. That loud ding that lets you know that the five minutes are over and you can now meet someone that you may have more chemistry with.

Well out comes Caroline! She was super aggressive. Jumping on me and trying to kiss me in the very first second! If this was an actual speed date Caroline would have been seen as cheap, too aggressive and a total turn off! Save that stuff for the second date Caroline! The five minutes passed quickly enough and Caroline and I parted ways. I made a fake smile and pretended I was mildly interested to be nice and avoid any awkwardness.

Next came Minnie (her nickname was Pudge) it was love at first site. She was playful, engaging and happy. Not to mention absolutely adorable! I was thinking much like a speed dater at this point… she is perfect can I please take her home and have her spend the night! Then I was told we have to wait 24 hours before we could take her home. Apparently the rule with our local pound is that you have to sleep on it! You need to go home alone and if you are still interested in the morning then you give the pound a call and set up a time to take her out. If we feel that mutual chemistry then the committed relationship begins and hopefully lasts a lifetime.

Sure it is a little effort to speed date or spend some time at your local dog pound but when you find exactly what you are looking for it was worth every second.

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