Taking a Break From Dating?

I often hear both men and women say, “I am taking a break from dating!” This usually comes with a tone that sounds agitated and frustrated. But I have to tell you that this makes absolutely no sense what so ever!

If you aspire to be a good athlete do you take a break from baseball because you had a few strike outs? This is highly unlikely. In fact that athlete is more apt to work twice as hard. If the athlete did decide to take a break it would be so much harder to improve their game when they returned.

If you are so frustrated with finding true love that you are ready to quit I have a better suggestion! Work even harder at the task. Many believe it is the pool of singles that’s the problem. But quite frankly it is you! If you keep dating jerks, ending up in bad relationships and feel unsatisfied in your love life it is time to shift gears. Perhaps the act of physically going on dates needs to be set aside for a minute. Take some time to explore the mistakes you have made and what you could do differently. If that baseball player has a poor swing he needs to stop and learn a bit more about form. If a single person isn’t having a positive experience in dating they too need to learn some things from their mistakes.

But never take a break from your search for true love. If you want something bad enough you need to work hard for it! And the reward is so worth all of that effort.

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