Speed Dating Versus Internet Dating

It is a great time to be single! I know those of you who feel like you have been single forever just want to scream at me right now. But what I am saying is that there are so many terrific ways to meet singles these days. You no longer have to rely on your parents to find you a match, hang out at crowded bars or experience painful blind dates.

Two very popular ways to find that special person are internet dating and speed dating. I am often asked, “which one is better?” They are both terrific ways to meet people! In fact, I met my husband on match.com 10 years ago! Today 1 out of every 5 couples meet online and that number is only going to get bigger.

If you are one of the many people trying to decide which one will work best for you, I can help you! My quick response is to do both. If you are truly committed to finding love then you should be in as many places as possible to do just that.

Speed Dating at Black-eyed Sallys in Hartford

Speed Dating Event

Here is the difference in a nutshell!

Internet Dating-Here is where you can find the answers to that whole big deal breaker list that you have in your head. You know those important questions like; does he want kids, does she smoke, what does he do for work and does she have a pulse? You have the luxury of looking at a few photographs too. Hopefully these include recent candid shots of the person you are about to date. On occasion for some ridiculous reason they will include pictures of their car, dog, boat, sunset, etc… What you don’t get to find out is that initial and instant chemistry! We all know how great that instant chemistry feels and can assess it in just seconds of meeting someone in person.

Speed Dating-The great thing about speed dating is that you can assess that chemistry instantly without wasting time emailing back and forth. Sure those deal breakers are important but if that initial chemistry is lacking then it doesn’t matter if they comply or not with your deal breaker check list. I encourage my speed daters to avoid those deal breaker questions in that five minute speed date. Just use that time to see if you have a mutual connection. And if so, you just check yes next to their name on the match card. If the connection is mutual you will each get an email with the contact information of your match and the interrogation can start at that point.

One last tip… If you are a negative person that is always convincing yourself that you will never find true love then you will create just that. Think positive about finding that special someone and I can guarantee you that your chances of finding them will increase tremendously. Now stop reading these blogs and go join match.com or register for a speed dating event at www.got5minutes.com.

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