Son of The Date Doctor on Facebook

Matthew just had his 11th birthday! He is into many things including facebook. I look over his shoulder as he chats with one particular girl we will call Jill (only because Matt will not be happy if I use her real name). I keep chiming in with my dating tips and realize it is no easy task to be the son of the Date Doctor. And I remind myself he is 11! I should just let him be a silly kid. But still the tips seem to jump out of my mouth. The first 2 were especially for Matt but you should follow them as well. And the rest would be true for anyone who is both dating and on facebook.

1. When you log in, wait a minute before jumping on the chat. You may be excited to type “hey” in that little box in the bottom right hand corner of facebook, but hold off! At least pretend you have other business to care of on facebook and relax. If you wait a few minutes, Jill may even pop up with her own “hey” before you have a chance. And we all know the less eager and available we look the better it is!

2. And get off that chat after a few minutes. Don’t let Jill always be the one to end the conversation first. It always feels better when we are the one that types “gotta run”!

3. Don’t friend request your new love interest after just one date. If the relationship fails it gets awkward! Do we do the ultimate insult and unfriend the date if it doesn’t workout? Yes we do but even better to avoid the whole thing all together. I have known folks who thought they were dating someone and all of a sudden their relationship status gets changed to “engaged”. What a terrible way to find out the relationship is over.

4. The most annoying thing one can do on facebook is over post. Most find it annoying when a friend constantly cuts and pastes those ridiculous chains going around the site (cut and paste this to your status if you like Jill)…Once in a while one might really speak to you, but be selective and don’t share every mundane detail of your life. You might just be hidden and not even know it!

5. Either you are single or you are not. Don’t select that ridiculous relationship status called “it’s complicated”. That simply tells someone interested that you are not available and that you put up with crap in a relationship. If you are not in a committed relationship, don’t give some fool the satisifaction of having you say “it’s complicated”.

6. Last bit of advice is not to post too many details about your dating life. If you happen to go some place really cool than by all means share it in your status. But I had a couple of old high school friends who actually reunited through facebook. It was a soap opera! From their first kiss, to falling in love to breaking up and this cycle repeated itself many times before they both got hidden.

On the positive side, facebook is a great place to meet other singles, not for an 11 year old but perhaps for you. There are some cool groups to join, reunion pages and friends of friends. Be sure to put in your status that you are single and get involved in the virtual world. You just never know where you will find them!

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