Re Set Ups

Imagine being matched with someone that you know has been screened and coached by the Date Doctor?

At any point in time we have the power to reset and change how we do things. This could be career, parenting, dating and so many other things in our lives. In order to do this we have to be honest and admit what behaviors need to change.

Re Set Ups is designed to help you uncover what behaviors need to change to make your love life more successful.  It also ensures that whoever you are being matched with has had the same experience with the Date Doctor.

Here is how it works…

  1. All participants must have a $25 15 minute coaching session with the Date Doctor before being considered for this service. Whether or not you realize it there is some pattern in your dating life that can be improved and the Date Doctor wants to find this out before matching you.
  2. Having the coaching session does not guarantee that you will be matched. It just puts you in the pool to be considered. If the Date Doctor has a match for you she will introduce the two of you via email.
  3. These dates are blind dates but all your matched will meet the deal breaker criteria you have listed in the application.
  4. Each date you are matched with will cost $35.
  5. We will keep your application in the database for 6 months.



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