Quickest Ways to Ruin the Dinner Date!

Speed Daters Hartford ConnecticutThe majority of early dates take place in a restaurant. And despite my constant advice about first dates being quick ice cream or coffee dates, many of you still choose that restaurant! I understand you are hopeful that there will be a connection and you want more time together. So go ahead pick your favorite restaurant and best of luck! Oh and remember if you don’t like your date and want to avoid telling them outright, just do one of the things on the list below and I can guarantee you they will never want to see you again either!

 Here is my list! Feel free to add yours in the comments!




                                              Top 10 things to turn your date off in a restaurant! 

  1. Guys take the initiative on the first date to pick the restaurant! You can ask what food we prefer but don’t show up and say “where do you want to go?” Quite simply we will just want to go back home.
  2. When you get to the restaurant please walk up to the hostess to request a table for two. And to the ladies that claim to be such strong independent women…just sit back and let him handle getting the table. You don’t want to come across too independent as it is a turn off. I don’t make the rules but it is what it is!
  3. Taking your gum out of your mouth and setting it on your dinner plate is disgusting. And then putting it back in at the end of the meal makes it even worse! Totally unacceptable! Seriously this happened to me.
  4. If you are going to a nice restaurant know the appropriate etiquette! I went on a date with a match.com guy and we ordered a bottle of wine. The waitress was showing him the label and he didn’t have a clue. He pulled the bottle from her hand and poured it himself. Very embarrassing for all of us.
  5. Guys let your date order first. I once went on a date and the guy was so eager to get his order in that he didn’t even realize the waiter was completely looking at me and ready to take my order first when he cut in.
  6. Don’t bring flowers to the restaurant. Yes we love to get flowers but it is simply embarrassing to have a big floral arrangement on the table. Especially if the table is small and it becomes a hazard to see one another.
  7. Sometimes your meal gets screwed up but please don’t blame the waitress or waiter. Just relax and know that your food will come. Any unnecessary drama or rudeness will just turn your date off completely.
  8. Name droppers are annoying. If you know the chef or the owner of the restaurant that is fine. But if you feel this burning desire to tell the waitress that you know them than go ahead. But just know that we aren’t impressed and kind of think you just might be trying to show off.
  9. There is absolutely no reason to check your phone, text or respond to emails during the 60 minutes you are dining. Shut the thing off!  I know some of you have kids but I trust that if you are out on a date you have left your kids in good hands! And if an emergency should happen I think they will call 911 first! If you are that panicked about it then make a trip to the bathroom. You can check your phone at that time.
  10. Again I don’t make the rules here but if you don’t offer to pay for that first dinner date then I can guarantee you she is getting the message loud and clear that you are not interested. This is why I strongly suggest making the first date a quick coffee or ice cream date. You can avoid dropping $60 on a girl that is not interested in anything more than a meal. After that first quick date you will know if the chemistry is there. And if she is worth it…take her to dinner and offer to pay!

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