Quickest Way to Find Love!

New Years has just passed us by and Valentines Day will be creeping up in no time! Yet so many singles can’t figure out just how to find that perfect match.

Online dating is on the rise and so many, including myself have had great success with this. But others fear this exciting way to find love. Many imagine their potential suitor won’t look like their picture or will just lack that instant connection. I remember my many first match.com dates. I was either thinking…Oh please let this be him or oh no please don’t let this be him. Those who have tried internet dating understand exactly where I am coming from! Although I have endless tips on how to make online dating work for you I respect your decision to avoid it at all costs.

But speed dating solves a lot of these problems! Speed dating allows you to find out if the chemistry is there immediately. On internet dates you have to get all ready and look your best only to risk disappointment in the first 5 seconds. At a speed dating events you only spend 5 minutes with each date. If the chemistry is lacking the bell will soon ring and you can move onto to the next eligible date. No awkward dinner dates where you question who will pay and no fears of your date leaning in for a kiss good night. No need to tell your date you are not interested you just don’t check their name off on the match card and you are good to go.

Now I must say speed dating, internet dating and even meeting at a bar will only lead you to success in love if you are in the right frame of mind to be dating. So some quick tips that will help you out no matter which dating venue you select.

  1. Keep a positive attitude! Sure you need to look good but I have seen the best looking people walk away with no matches because they were full of negativity or drama and were nothing but a total turn off.
  2. Always avoid topics of the ex, sex and any negativity. This may seem obvious but I can assure you there have been both men and women that actually hit the topic of sex in that quick 5 minutes speed date.
  3. Avoid interviewing. You are looking for love not a job. If you have that deal breaker list just put it aside for that first meeting and focus more and having a great time!
  4. Don’t play hard to get…genuinely have enough passions and interests in life that make you less available! This is key as needy singles are a big turn off!
  5. Have fun with it! If you view dating as stressful you will create experiences that are stressful. Enjoy yourself and don’t give up! It only takes one and the more you are trying new things the more likely you will find them!

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