Quick Tips for Match.com

I am one of the many who can actually say that match.com works! I met my husband 9 years ago on this site and I even have a match.com baby who is about to turn 3. Why does it work so well for some and not others? The most obvious reason is attitude! Many folks have decided prior to even creating their profile that it will never work. And with that attitude they are absolutely correct! But it you can go into it with a positive attitude than these tips will make all the difference. Here goes…

1. The pics are the most important thing about this site. Everyone is looking for chemistry and not a person out there doesn’t go straight for the pics. So please don’t post your cat, dog, boat, sunset, car or anything else that people don’t really care about. They want to see you and you within the past year. One close up face and one candid is plenty. It is not facebook so you don’t need endless albums.

2. Well I said pics are the most important so it is going to take 2 tips to cover this subject. Don’t pose for a pic with others in the pic. Especially if they are more attractive than you! If you are self conscious about your weight don’t stand next to that friend that is a size 2. If you have to pose with someone else just be sure that you are the better looking one in the pic.  This may sound harsh but I repeat…everyone is looking for that chemistry.

3. Don’t write a book. Keep it simple and capture what makes you special. If you can throw something funny in there as well. But a favorite poem or speech instead of describing yourself is just distracting. And don’t use the templates offered by match. It is obvious when you are doing that.

4. If you are local 4 or 5 emails over a couple of days is enough before initiating that first date. Unless you are simply looking for a pen pal. I hear so many folks complain about endless hours of emails and never getting to the date. If they don’t initiate it than you need to in order not to waste time.

5. GOOGLE! Can we all agree that the word “google” is now a verb? You can find out so much about someone through a quick google search. It can also be pretty entertaining and may bring you to more pics.

Those are my top 5 tips and I followed every one of them. Have fun and if match is not working for you, there is always speed dating : )

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