Media384Are you ready to meet your perfect match?

Do you know exactly what you are looking for and just need help finding this person?

Are you in a happy and healthy place in your life?

The Date Doctor, Jaimy Blazynski has been successfully matching singles since 2005. She knows many terrific people who like you are looking for love. She recognizes that chemistry and respect are important and does not believe anyone should ever have to sacrifice either of those two things.

This service requires you to have an individual, private coaching session with the Date Doctor. The cost for the session is $100. There is no guarantee that a coaching session will lead to finding you a match. But after paying for the coaching session you will only be charged if a match is found.

When Jaimy finds someone that she believes you will like she will email you a link that includes a recent photograph and some basic information about your potential match. If you would like to meet this match Jaimy will contact them as well. If they would like to meet you an introductory email will be sent. If you decline there is no cost. If you accept the cost is $100 per date that you accept.

There is an additional 1 time fee of $35 for a background screening that you will be required to pay prior to being matched with anyone.

Call or email Jaimy today to schedule your coaching session 860-324-6679




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