Please Tell Me You Didn’t Say This in Your Profile!

I am alfrustrationways on making over profiles and I see so many simple ways that one could improve their profile in just a few words. Here is a list of some of my favorite silly mistakes and how to clean them up quickly!


  1. “I love my life”. Many profiles actually start with this sentence or slip it in somewhere along the way. Nothing says I hate my life more than writing that you love your life. I believe many do have a great life but when that is the opening line it just sounds so forced. It is especially funny when you click on their pictures and they are frowning in half of them.
  2.  “I want a successful, intelligent, confident” blah blah blah. This really says that you have dated just the opposite. Who doesn’t want those things? It is pretty obvious. No one is going to say I want a stupid screw up who feels like shit about himself. Be a little more specific about the kind of match you would like without ruling out 99% of the members. Perhaps saying…”I would love a guy that can engage in great conversation about politics, current events and maybe even beat meet at a trivia night some time” would attract that right guy.
  3.  “I take great care of myself”. I really don’t know what they mean. To one person that means I put a winter coat on when it is cold out and floss my teeth every night. To someone else it means I go to the gym and avoid all fast foods. It sounds so much better to describe what you mean. You can have a lot of fun with this. I know for me personally I might say “I would be willing to date a guy that eats an occasional big mac but please don’t ever take me along.”
  4.  “I have spent the last decade building my career”…This sounds so sketchy. Why do you feel the need to explain why you are single in the profile? To me I think you have had a string of unsuccessful relationships and are trying to rationalize it. Just talk about you in the profile and don’t worry about explaining anything this early on.
  5. “I never thought I would be on here.” Way to insult the rest of us. If you are going to do it… own it!


There are so many more I could add but we all know that sex, your ex and stress don’t belong in your profiles. File all that crap with those shirtless and outdated photos.


I hope this helps and changes your love life forever. If you need more assistance please let me flip that profile into something that isn’t just taking up space on the site.


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