Only Read if You are a Bitch or the Men Who Love Us!

I know there are many who claim men like bitchy women. And truth is that some men do like bitchy women. But I can assure you that the men that like the bitches are not the kind of guys we want to date.

I don’t want to get into semantics over legal definitions here. We all need to agree that a bitch is NOT a woman with an opinion or a woman with confidence. A bitch is someone that is always looking for a reason to be miserable. If she doesn’t have anything to complain about she will find or create something. And she only looks forward to her man coming home so she can attempt to make his life as miserable as she is feeling.

That is a BITCH!!

And truth is I know many of them. I have witnessed friends and neighbors call their husbands at work and vent for 5 straight minutes without even saying hello or god forbid asking their spouse how their day is going. I have seen husbands walk in the door after a long day and the women don’t greet them with a hug or a smile. And yet they wonder why their husbands choose to stay late at the office! And I have seen someone very close to me call her brand new boyfriend to complain about her job without giving him a chance to get a word in. These newly dating bitches are the worst. They have this false belief that if they have a guy to bitch to the relationship is deeper. But in reality the only thing deeper is the hole they are digging. These are the bitches! And the only men that like these ladies are the insecure ones with Mommy issues! The ones that we find a complete turn off.

Now I realize many women are reading this and think I am being unfair! They want to jump into my blog and complain about how they have the right to bitch because their husband’s are this that and blah, blah, blah! I hope they are reading this because they are the exact audience that needs it!

I used to be a bitch so I have a lot of experience in this area. But through years of dating mistakes, miserable breakups and finally meeting a great guy that doesn’t like bitches I woke up!

My advice to the ladies is to just stop bitching! If this article annoys or makes you angry I challenge you to experience the feelings and then let them go! Think about what you can do to be less bitchy. If you really love your husband, you should want him to feel happy and joy in his life. Perhaps to start you need to fake it for a moment. Come on ladies we all know how to fake things! When you feel the passionate desire to vent… catch yourself. And before saying your thoughts out loud ask your husband to tell you about his day, even if you don’t care! Fake it at first and eventually you will care! If he is coming home from playing hockey, ask him how he did before telling him that you can’t pay the childcare bill. And before calling him, write down or record your venting session. Then listen back to yourself. Do you think that sounds sexy? Is that the kind of woman your husband is going to want to come home to? Change your reaction to him and you will be amazed! He might be a little shocked at first. But try it! It will do wonders for your relationship!

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