Mom, Please!

I remember dating when I was in high school and college. My mom loved to embarrass me any chance she could! I was dating this guy from college and he was coming for a visit over the summer break. I pleaded with my mom to act “normal”. C’mon mom just pretend you are making dinner, I would request. She said sure and proceeded to pick up the phone and pretend to be ordering take out. That is not as bad as the night she actually did attempt to cook dinner for one of my boyfriends. My dad describes the meatloaf recipe best. Take hamburg, shape in square, cook til burnt, serve cold.

Even funnier is when I brought a guy home just months after my college graduation. We pulled up to mom’s beautiful house on the beach. Mom thought she would be funny and hang my huge “Congratulations Jaimy” sign across the front porch. What once referred to my college graduation was now congratulating me for having a date. Fortunately, my date found it funny! You can imagine the look I gave my mom when I entered the house!

Well mom you certainly didn’t teach me how to cook! But you did teach me how to laugh!

My mom died 15 years ago but some of my fondest memories revolve around dating! If your date can’t appreciate your mom than my tip is… Move on!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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