Misplacing your Underwear-Great Way to Flirt

Well in most cases married couples claim they are too old, tired, comfortable or disinterested to flirt with their spouse! These couples couldn’t be making a bigger mistake. Even if it feels forced initially flirting is a very important part of keeping your marriage fresh, happy and exciting. It let’s your spouse know that you still find them appealing, desirable and interesting. And best of all there is a great reward with no financial investment required. So if you haven’t flirted with your spouse in a while pick your favorite from the list below or better yet pick the whole list!

1. Ladies if you do the laundry switch things up once in a while. Take your sexiest pair of underwear and accidentally or not so accidentally put them in your spouses drawer with his socks and boxers. He is sure to blush when he picks them up.

2. After a hot shower the mirror in the bathroom is always covered with steam. Write a little sexy message in the steam and next time they take a shower they will be sure to smile when they read your note.

3. Some couples keep a magazine rack in their bathroom. I suggest keeping a flirt journal in there as well. Just a little journal that you and your spouse can write flirty, sexy messages back and forth to each other.

4. Conveniently get trapped in the pantry or bathroom with your spouse. Sometimes those tight quarters force you to brush against each just to make your way through the room. This little touch can really ignite some wonderful feelings for both of you!

5. Put a little spray of perfume on his pillow. This is especially sweet if he comes to bed at a different time then you.

6. When you have kids some of these can be tricky! One of my favorites occurred while making dinner a little while back. I happened to be cooking alphabet french fries as a side dish. I took the time to collect the letters to spell out the kids names. Then I thought about my husband. Instead of find his name I just found the letters to spell…U R HOT. My kids giggled and thought it was silly of mommy. But my husband got the message loud and clear!

Instead of making excuses not to flirt try something new and different in your marriage! Hopefully your spouse will likely reciprocate and your marriage will benefit tremendously.

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