Why Does Match Work For So Many But Not ME!!

Why Does Match Work for Some and Not Me?

Most are going to tell you that this is because your profile looks like crap and it needs a makeover. Now for some this is a simple solution. But I think that the profile that you created is reflection of who you are, how you see yourself and what you believe you deserve.

If you are wearing a sexy bikini in your picture (and you are not at the beach) you will likely attract men that are mostly thinking about having sex with you. If your profile shares too much about a past relationship that was awful you will most likely attract someone who is co-dependent and wants to rescue you (not very sexy after a while). If you are constantly bragging about yourself you will attract those who are vulnerable and naïve and believe whatever you bragged about was important. When in reality bragging is a sign of low self-esteem that will mostly be appealing to other with a low self-esteem.

So it is not that all men are jerks or all women are bitches. It is that you have created a profile to attract what you think you deserve, whether you realize this or not!

Many will sign up for online dating believing it will fail them. And then it feels like a victory when you meet some jerk because it validates this ridiculous belief that you have created!

Now you don’t need a big therapeutic intervention to change your beliefs and start attracting the right partner. You just need to identify what beliefs that need to be thrown away. Make a list of all those negative beliefs and then compare it to the message your profile is delivering. If you believe all men just want sex try putting some clothes on in those pictures and see what else you can attract. This may take a little work initially! But not nearly as much work as having one failed internet dating experience after the next.

Good luck with this and let me know how it worked for you!


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