Ladies Who Make the Most Matches Speed Dating

After a night of speed dating everyone heads home and awaits the email that will deliver the results of the night. Typically ladies will be happy to see they made one or two mutual matches. But there are always a few ladies who seem to capture the interest of the entire room. And it goes beyond genetics! Of course physical attraction needs to be there but I can assure you the most gorgeous woman in the room is not always the one making the most matches. I am not discrediting the importance of looking your best! Below are the things that go beyond physical because there is truly more to consider.

Let me tell you about the lady who does the best!

  1. She pops! We know men are visual and want to feel that chemistry the moment they look at a woman. But this isn’t entirely about the physical shell we are born into. This is more about the lady that stands out. She has a flare in her style, a confidence and ease in her posture and smile the whole time. Not to a point that her face hurts but a smile that shows she is happy to be there.
  2. She is positive. I have seen beautiful women make zero matches. It is usually related to her complaining about the temperature of the room, the parking lot being too crowded or her ex showing up late to pick up the kids. If the bells rings and the guy feels a headache coming on I can assure you he isn’t thinking about a dinner date next weekend.
  3. The conversation flows effortlessly. I realize it takes two to have a conversation. But men love when conversations aren’t forced. A laugh or a fun repartee takes the pressure off and alleviates the awkwardness of the five minute encounter.
  4. She left the checklist at home. You may have 30 deal-breakers, rattling off each one and scratching them off the list in the first five minutes is a huge turn-off. Stick with natural conversation, some of those deal-breakers may also melt away.
  5. She is flirty but not extremely sexual. She might laugh at your humor as she hits your arm or locks eyes with you for an extra second. I recently had a male speed dater text me after an event to change one of his matches from yes to NO. I had to know why, when I asked him. He said after the event, at the bar, she was putting her hand on his thigh, leaning into him and dared him to kiss her right in public at the bar. He told me that in his 40s, he was not going to make out with a lady in public,  he just wanted out.

It is not always the lady that is wearing a size 2 jeans that makes the matches.  Ladies, all of the above relate to having a positive mindset and being comfortable with who you are. With a little practice anyone can maximize their matches. If you are really ready to meet your match speed dating sign up for our next event

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