To Kiss or Not to Kiss?

I have heard women say they simply don’t kiss on the first date. They are a complete different breed than those who are contemplating whether or not to have sex on the first date. Or at least that is what they want us to believe. I don’t fully understand why someone wouldn’t kiss on the first date but I respect that decision. However, I am going to share with you why I think it is a good idea. This only applies to kissing someone that you are attracted to. Under no circumstances do I think you should kiss someone that you are not into. In fact, I am pretty confident that if you aren’t feeling it before the kiss you are only going to feel it less after the kiss.

  1. Kissing someone that you think is cute feels incredible. It is not going to cause a disease or even lead someone into thinking that you are going to have sex with them. It is an acceptable way to say good night after a wonderful date.
  2. A kiss is an amazing tool to assess chemistry beyond the conversation and physical connection.
  3. Even a bad kiss is fun and creates a great memory. If you think someone is really a great catch and the kiss is awkward they are rarely ruined. Now if you are on the fence and the kiss is awful they are done. But if you are locked in it just can’t do any damage.
  4. I believe some genuinely never kiss on the first date but I question the authenticity of others. What if the date and situation was perfect? Would they break the rule? It just almost sounds like something someone would just say to try to create a certain impression. Or perhaps an excuse to avoid the whole awkward good bye.
  5. Men have such a hard time understanding women and reading our signs. Sometimes they can just be a little slow at this. Turning your head on the kiss or pulling back is only going to confuse the hell out of them. If you like him be nice and don’t put him through it.

I understand akissnd respect your decision not to kiss. I remember after my divorce I couldn’t wait to kiss another guy. And I remember the awkward first kiss with my husband. He walked me to my car and we kissed in the middle of the parking lot. It wasn’t super long and no one was staring at us. But it was a great feeling to know that he was interested in me enough to kiss me. I know those awful guys exist who give us a great kiss goodnight and disappear. I can’t begin to explain that in this blog but can assure you that a great kiss wasn’t the reason they disappeared.

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