I Love You? Or Not?


Some men just don’t say it! I can give you a few reasons why but I am not sure how much it matters?

  1. They associate “love” with a negative feeling or experience. The last woman they loved may have cheated, lied, sexually neglected or emasculated them.
  2. They have a belief that “love” entraps them into commitments that they are not ready to make.
  3. They simply don’t love you and are just sticking around because the sex is good and they haven’t found anything better.
  4. They grew up in a house where the word “love” was taboo.
  5. They believe that if they don’t say the words “I love you” they are protected from ever experiencing the emotions and negative experiences that come with being in love.

To The Women Dating These Guys:

Walk away ladies. Unless you grew up in a home where love was taboo or any of the above excuses apply to you. Being with a man who is emotionally guarded can leave you feeling empty day after day. You will continually question if he loves someone else or if you are good enough or deserving of his love. You can make excuses for a while and maybe even feel bad and rationalize his behavior. But at the end of the day you are just prolonging your chance to find true love.

To The Men:

If you love her tell her. It doesn’t have to mean you want to grow old with her or that you have to make all kinds of sacrifices for her. It just means that you think she is great and you want to be with her. If avoidance is your primary way of communicating with your lover the relationship is not genuine.  And you may lose many wonderful ladies before your realize that it is too late.

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