How Can I Meet “Normal” Singles?

I know it can be frustrating trying to meet other singlesSingles-Party. But on the bright side I can assure you that there are many! I know this because I have over 2000 singles in my database and I can’t imagine I have found every single guy and girl out there.

I understand internet dating and speed dating aren’t for everyone. So I promise no dirty sales pitching in this blog. Many of you want it to happen naturally. Sometimes we have to push nature just a little bit. And that might mean just getting up and getting out the door. Here are my best tips to push the process and help you meet your match a little more naturally.

  1. Find the events-It is summer time and so many parks have great outdoor concerts The local museums are starting to offer some great events too  . Another favorite that so many CT singles don’t know about is the all-inclusive vacation getaway in Kent, CT.
  2. Research-Never hesitate to call the company hosting the event and ask them what the ratio is, what is the average age and anything else you may want to know. If a company doesn’t offer this information I would suggest finding a new event to attend.
  3. What to wear-Before you walk out the door, look in the mirror and ask yourself… what message is this outfit sending? Flaunt and flatter your best feature but don’t flaunt everything. Flaunting one feature can be sexy and flirty but flaunting everything can be a little sleazy and trashy so be careful.
  4. Don’t be afraid to go alone-If you are a little shy or intimidated to go alone show up early. Try to make a friend before the crowd pours in. Even making a same sex friend is perfect. Building a wingman/wingwoman relationship from the start will make your night more fun.
  5. Be approachable-If you do go with a group of friends never stand in a closed circle. Especially if you are a group of attractive girls and the conversation is loud. Even the bravest guys would have trouble busting in on that conversation.
  6. Check your attitude-You know who you are! I am talking to those girls that enter the event, look around for a potential husband and get annoyed if they don’t see one.   Your negative energy will work against you all night. And when that potential husband arrives he likely won’t even want to talk to you because you are standing there with an attitude that could scare anyone away.
  7. Break the ice-A great way to approach someone that interests you is to ask a question. Ask them how they heard about the event, what wine are they sampling or if they tried the humus. It doesn’t really matter what you ask as long as you break the ice. But never overstay. Keep a leg back to deliver the message that you are just stopping in. Slip away but stay in view. If the person is interested they will come find you or send some body language to welcome you back.
  8. Be prepared-Always have a handy way to deliver a phone number or email address. Keep a business card on you or even your cell phone. But only pull out that cell phone to text him your number. You never want to check your phone in the middle a good conversation with a potential partner.

There are so many more obvious tips but I think most of my readers know better than to rant about their ex, use foul language, talk about sex, be clingy, burp, and all those other wonderful things. So I won’t even get into that!


Best of luck finding your match! And if you need a little more help you know where to find me

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