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summerI have done 100’s of match makeovers over the years! Many have asked what I would put in my profile so here it is…BTW I am happily married and just offering this as a bit of advice. But I would love to know if you would run or write to me…

Tag Line: Are You Ready for This?
I like to laugh until my stomach hurts and have a few great friends that can make this happen.  I can kick your butt in Scrabble, I can out hula hoop just about anyone and am amazing on the etch a sketch. I am not a fan of airplanes but will get on if it is going to take me to a beach. I get really aggravated if I have to miss a work out and prefer doing the dishes over cooking. My fridge is full of healthy food, my house is clean but my car is not. I listen to country music but don’t mind if you change the station and I can be a bit of a chatterbox. I will make you laugh a lot even when you don’t want me to. I love shopping at tag sales, doing yoga and decorating my house. My kids are great, I have a leopard gecko and am allergic to cats.

I am attracted to a guy that can fix things! But not my issues (sometimes I like to stew in those for a bit, KIDDING). I don’t care what size you are (get your mind out of the gutter) if you have hair on your head or how big your pay check is. As long as you are doing something you love that is good enough! A sense of style is hot but if that is not your thing you have to be willing to go shopping with me. I will be honest…I am going to google you as I just like to see who you are before we meet. If you don’t ask me out in two to three emails I will get bored and if you are shirtless in your pics I can’t bare to reply (pun intended). works and I know this because that is where I met Erik 12 years ago. If you ever need help Click here to make it happen!

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