Guys Who Make the Most Matches

Speed DatingI have been watching singles speed date for 14 years. I have talked to thousands of female speed daters about what made them check yes. Most men walk away with one or two mutual matches. Which is actually fantastic given it only takes about an hour. But there are always a few guys who seem to capture the interest of the entire room. And it is rarely the man with the best genetics.

Let me tell you about this popular guy!

  1. He entered the room with a smile. Most ladies are a little nervous when they arrive. And that guy in the crowd wearing a genuine smile is where they gravitate to. He has cultivated a positive feeling before anyone has even sat down to speed date.
  2. He made his date laugh. She then associates time with him as being fun. I recently had a speed dater who tripped and splattered his drink. He had a wet stain on his shirt and it became his ice breaker. This guy felt genuine to the ladies and he actually had fantastic results. I was beginning to think he staged the splattering drink!
  3. He had confident posture. His shoulders are back and he often used his hands to express himself. Not waving them wildly in the air but not sitting on them either.
  4. He asked her light fun questions and followed up with a response. Simple things like what was the best part of your day or do you have any pets. This allowed her to talk about something that puts a smile on her face and that makes it far more likely she will check yes!
  5.  He shared things in his life with confidence. He didn’t mumble about hating his boss when the question of work came up. He didn’t complain  about alimony payments when the topic of kids came up. His energy was positive and contagious.

It not always the tall guy, with the thickest wallet or the best genetics. It is the guy with the best energy!

Some things are rigid like height, eye color or other physical attributes. But the mindset we create before entering the room is fluid. This is something we have complete control over and this is what will get you matches when speed dating.

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  • Nicholas Everett King
    October 16, 2019 10:10 pm

    Awesome. Ty for the information. Just seems like if your genuine and have a positive energy. That will help your results and if nothing else….give you an better idea of just relaxing and being fun.

  • Dolores
    October 17, 2019 12:53 pm

    Makes sense! Which ladies make the most matches?

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