Guys on Match MUST READ!

I am doing a little mentoring for a lovely lady and am quite annoyed by these profiles I am reading. Guys if you could all just fix up your profiles based on my advice I would be able to help my beautiful client find love on match much quicker. Are you ready?

  1. STOP posting pictures of your children on Go right in to your profile and delete any pictures with your kids! Put those on your facebook page.
  2. Corny is crap! Don’t say you want to walk through the raindrops with me. My client is not looking to date an asexual poetry teacher here. She wants a man! No offense to the poetry teachers, I am sure many are very good guys. Sorry!
  3. But not such a man that you post pictures of yourself sweating or even worse with your shirt off. Trust me if you are cut we can tell just as well with your shirt on. Thank you!
  4. Do NOT write a book! Putting so much time into that profile gives us the sense that you are way too serious! And there are thousands of profiles to read. We really want to get in and get out. And the less you write the less likely you will misspell something which is another turnoff!
  5. We are glad to see you have lots of friends and family! But until allows you to tag your pictures could you please post ones of just you. Oh and if you are one of the guys who crops the ex out of the picture I am not that impressed. Find a recent picture of just you! Seriously in today’s technology this is not too hard.
  6. Three pictures are really enough. You see we get confused when you posted 18 pictures and we waste time trying to figure out which one really looks like you. So feel free to delete your motorcycle (unless you are on it with a shirt on), the sunset, your pet, house, etc…You get the point!

And guys…Once you have fixed that profile up share your username with me and save me the trouble of searching this site! It is like finding a needle in a haystack!!

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