Frequently Asked Questions Regarding “3 Blind Dates”

3 blind dates1. Where do I recruit my clients? Craigslist (KIDDING)! I have been in business for 11 years and have database of over 2000 singles at my disposal, and the list grows bigger every day. Many singles found me from listening 96.5 TIC with Damon Scott. There are several meetup groups that promote my company. I host a few of these groups myself and even a few I don’t host promote my events. Our Facebook page is home to over 2,000 members and I am frequently providing our members with special discounts for events! To be honest, the number one way I recruit is through word of mouth. We typically host 1 or 2 singles events each week and our happy customers share their experience with their social circle.

2. How do you select my matches? It starts with my review of your deal breakers in your application. If I don’t have an appropriate match for you I simply won’t match you. I will never send you a match that doesn’t fit your criteria unless I check with you first. In other words if I have the perfect match for you but they are three years older than your requested dating range I will call and ask. If you agree I will match you and if not I will move on to a different match. People include all kinds of things in their deal breakers. I am the only one that sees the application so I encourage people to be honest and let me know what they are seeking in a partner.

3. What if I talk on the phone with a match and just aren’t feeling it? You can decline to be matched with someone for any reason. I will contact that match and let them know I am replacing you. I will also send you a new match.

4. Do we pay upfront? Everyone is supposed to pay once they receive the email with their 2nd match. For some this may be right away and for others it may take a few weeks.

5. What if I really hit is off with my first match? I always encourage you to go on all 3 dates. Remember your match has 3 dates as well, but if you decide to cancel before you have had all 3 dates I will only charge you $35 per date you went on.

6. Do you have any success stories to share? 3 Blind Dates began 1 year ago and is still relatively new to Got5Minutes clients so right now, there aren’t any weddings or babies, yet. But I do have a couple that just moved in together and many that have been dating for a long time. There have been many success stories from the speed dating events though and the “Save the Date” cards keep coming!

7. What if I applied before and haven’t heard from you yet? You do not need to fill it out an application again. There are many people that I am unable to match for a variety of reasons and that’s okay! If they have come to several events they may have met many of the singles already so it wouldn’t be fair to match them with someone they may have already met. There are also times where someone simply doesn’t meet the criteria that applicants are looking for or their deal breaker list is too hard to accommodate. If I do have appropriate matches for you I promise you will hear from me.

8. Can I get a discount? The best way to get that discount is to join our Facebook page. However, since you asked nicely I will offer 20% off to anyone how fills out the application TODAY. Please be sure to put “20% off” at the end of your deal breakers list.

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