Forget the Chocolate and Flowers this Mother’s Day

8a05a5230af9158a87471591bf0e5875Flowers die in a couple of days and chocolate just makes us feel fat. There are much better ways to show your wife how special she is on Mother’s Day. Something more creative than a traditional gift is going to show her that you put a little extra thought into it this year.

1. Nothing decreases stress more than a clean house. Cost starts at $100 and you can get a service like LETS Sparkle to come in and clean everything. Imagine your wife’s surprise when she walks in the door and the floors are shining, the bathroom is sparkling and the carpets are vacuumed. She will have nothing to do except to relax.  Depending on how many children you have this should last longer than a bouquet of flowers.

2. Many moms hesitate to treat themselves. Not all! I am well aware of the moms who won’t hesitate to have their weekly spa treatments. But I am talking about the ones who feel guilty putting their needs first. For those in the Richmond area my suggestion is a facial with Garnett at Aveda Salon. Her techniques will have your wife feeling feeling soothed, revitalized and stress free in just 30 Minutes.The cost is only about $50 and your wife will appreciate every penny. I should warn you that Garnett’s facials are addicting so be prepared that you will be buying these for anniversary and birthday gifts too.

3. I am not a jewelry person but many of have a wife that loves beautiful jewelry. The most important thing is to know what your wife likes.  Remember you know her better than the Jeweler so don’t feel pressured into buying something. Trying to explain that the sales person (who never met her) suggested she would love something isn’t going to make her smile.  Consider a place like Diamonds Direct. They offer an easy online shopping experience with convenient showrooms that you can visit. My personal choice would be their graduated 3 stone pendant. But remember I am not your wife so be sure to find out what some of her favorite pieces are before you start shopping.

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