Flowers on the First Date?

Yes it is true that we love when guys do things to make us feel special! But is buying flowers on the first date a good idea? Here is my argument as to why it is simply a bad idea.

  1. We love getting flowers because it makes us feel special. But if you are buying flowers for me and you haven’t even met me it is a little weird. Do you just buy flowers for every girl you take out on a first date? If that is the case then this bouquet of roses will not make me feel special. In fact, I just might give them back to you at the end of the date so you can recycle them and give them to your date tomorrow night.
  2. It is awkward! Especially if we are meeting in a restaurant. I am stuck holding this bouquet of flowers. Even worse if it comes in a vase and I put it on the table. Then we have this huge distraction the entire dinner. And it brings attention to the date. Everyone walking by looks and smiles as they see the flowers. First dates should be quick and low key! It is awkward enough without this giant centerpiece.
  3. When someone is on the fence, the worst thing you can do is push them! Typically on the first date, the girl is on the fence. She hopes to like you but isn’t totally sure yet. Giving her the roses just may be the push that will knock her off the fence. Slow down and connect first and the roses (or whatever her favorite flower is) will be much more appreciated in time.

I know there are many ladies reading this that are thinking I will ruin their chances of getting flowers now. The truth is these girls would only welcome the roses if they were from a guy that they were totally into. Because there is no way of knowing this information ahead of time, don’t take the risk! Show up on the date with a confident smile, a positive attitude and don’t accidentally leave your wallet at home and you will be just fine!

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