Five Things That Will Move You Closer to Finding Love!

  1. Next time you are in a store start a conversation with a random person. It could be in the deli line, produce section or checkout line. Seriously sometimes we are standing next to someone for 15 minutes and we don’t even acknowledge their existence. Try it once and you will see it can make the moment more interesting for everyone. Once you realize how easy this is you will be more comfortable starting random conversations with more and more people! The more people you know the better your chances are that you will meet someone that you are interested in dating.
  2. Change your search criteria on If you could meet an amazing guy that has a super successful business but didn’t finish college 31 years ago would that really matter? Or perhaps there is a girl that considers her figure to be curvy. She might be in great shape yet proud of her curves. Would you really want to miss the chance with her? Age is a big one too, especially for the guys. Try doing a search for a woman one year old than you. You will have a whole new selection of women to start previewing.
  3. GET YOU HAIR DONE! I can’t tell you how many of my singles need a new hairstyle. This is something that can dramatically change the way you look! They have the best straightening and curling irons available these days. Stop at the kiosk at the mall and have them show you how to make your hair rock! Go to a new hairdresser and tell them you want to look hot for 2014! And to the guys… bald is hot! PLEASE no comb overs. We can tell that is what you are trying to do and we don’t like it.
  4. Start advertising that you are single. Many stay quiet or guarded about their love life. Let’s change that today. Don’t hold back from telling your co-workers about a date you have coming up, share on facebook when you are going to a singles event and don’t be afraid of who might see you on an internet dating site. You are single and it is nothing to be ashamed about. Once more and more people realize you are single they are more likely to reach out and invite you to another singles event, party or maybe introduce you to a friend.
  5. Cut out all the negativity! Don’t post about your horrible day on facebook, stop convincing yourself that dating sucks and give up on all your excuses to sit home. Negative energy attracts negative people. Try this little experiment if you don’t believe me…post a miserable, bitch rant on facebook. Take note of who responds. They are likely the negative people that enjoy all that misery! Is this who you want to surround yourself with? Miserable people attract other miserable people.

I can share these tips because I swear to you I experienced them first hand!

  1. First of all I am that person who talks to everyone any chance I get. The first guy to ask me out after my marriage ended was in the return line at Home Depot.
  2. I met my husband on match and never thought I would date a guy 5 years younger than me. I was opened to a wide age range and it worked for me. And he was open to dating an older woman. Thank god!10-11 gallery (591 of 119)
  3. Erik told me that he hated my hair when we first met. It was frizzy and bushy. I thought it was just the way my hair was. A new hair dresser and a great straightening iron changed that forever.
  4. I can’t keep my mouth shut and everyone on the planet knew I was single. This helped me to build a support system of single friends and make dating so much more fun!
  5. I was the most negative, miserable person on the planet. I hated everyone who was in a happy relationship, anyone who wore a wedding ring and basically almost anyone that existed. Once I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I was able to see what the world saw. I woke up and changed it all!

The miserable girl with frizzy hair was gone forever. I became happy, prettier and ready to find love! Trust me if I could do it anyone can!

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