Have You Ever Had Sex Too Soon?

Women who havecouple-in-bed sex with men they are not in committed relationships with are often getting dumped and don’t understand why! I am all for casual, great sex. But if you are looking for a commitment and can’t understand what is going wrong this just might be it!

I hear so many women say that they are afraid to ask for a commitment because they don’t want to scare the guys away. But they send the guys running because these guys don’t want a girl willing to accept casual sex! Basically their fear is losing the guy and that is exactly what they create in the end.

Here are a few tips to try if you think having sex too soon is the real issue…

  1. Always remember that if he is not into you before the sex I can promise you he won’t be after the sex (no pun intended).
  2. Stop going out on first dates wearing your matching bra and underwear. (I can’t even find a matching pair of socks and you women are matching under garments). Wear the granny panties and your impulse to have sex will be halted knowing how unsexy you are underneath.
  3. It would be better to have an FWB to get things out of your system than to have sex with a new guy that has the potential to be a long term relationship.
  4. I SWEAR TO YOU SEX IS BETTER WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE! Hold off and wait until you have someone that falls hook, line and sinker for you. Then you can have lots of great sex as opposed to 1 night of crappy sex followed up by the walk of shame.
  5. Don’t blame the guys! Many will have sex regardless of how they feel about you. Sure it is not nice but we are talking about you today! Changing your behavior will change your love life forever. Who cares about what happens to that random guy.

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