Ever Date This Type of Guy?

blind-datesLadies Have you Ever Dated a Guy Who…

  1. Asks you out but seems to be completely unavailable between dates?
  2. Invites you to meet him at a restaurant but isn’t clear as to whether it means dinner or drinks?
  3. Says he will call you Friday to confirm the date and when you give in and text him on Saturday he acts like it was already confirmed?
  4.  Seems interested but the relationship doesn’t seem to be escalating?

If you find yourself dating this ambivalent type of guy I imagine you are pretty annoyed! You are excited that he offers to call a day ahead to confirm the date and wait anxiously for the call. Down deep you wonder why he can’t just text or say hello to you prior to the confirmation but you have rationalized this in your head. You create some ridiculous notion that he is busy with the kids or taking it slow. Friday night comes and he doesn’t call or text. You so want to go out with him on Saturday and it has really been the highlight of your week! So do you call him, text him, complain to him or just ignore the whole thing? Here are your options and the most likely results!

Response                                                  Results

  1. You completely ignore him.
You sit and wait anxiously even though you pretend you are not waiting. He may or may not call. But it doesn’t matter because in the end you are giving him permission to treat you this way and he will continue to do this over and over again.
  1. You call and confront him. Point out that he is unclear, not calling and likely blowing you off.
He will laugh at you and pretend that he thought the date was confirmed. He will say that he thought it was obvious that you would be having dinner together and not just a cheesy drink date. You will start to second guess yourself, feel like a drama queen and continue to date this piece of crap.
  1. You text him and nicely say that it turns out you can’t make it this weekend. Suggest he call you later in the week to set something up for the following week.
The ball is back in your court. You just blew him off for a date that he never even confirmed. Now you don’t have to wait for a call, you don’t look like a drama queen and you just sent a loud message that you are not going to put up with his games!

Some might call this “playing games” and believe that you should just be honest and upfront. But I think this type of guy is the one playing here. If you have to rationalize why a guy is treating you a certain way then something is not right! I can assure you that when a guy is into you he calls you, thinks about you when you are not together and can’t wait to see you again. Choosing option 3 as your response is going to help you find out sooner than later how interested this guy is! Although it is highly unlikely that he falls into any of your silly rationalizations, choosing option 3 won’t hurt! He will either realize you won’t put up with the games and shape up. Or he will disappear and show you that he really isn’t interested enough to pursue the relationship or put any effort forth. Ladies I hear these stories all of the time! I know many of you are anxious to make it work but trust me when I say…it is not going to work!

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