Don’t Date if you Entertain Dick Picks

Ladies just don’t date…

  1. If you have more fun sitting around with a group of girlfriends bitching and complaining about every guy you meet online. This just perpetuates dating drama. If you have a bad date and need to laugh about it with a friend, do it once and move on. Avoid the “I hate dating club”. They won’t help you because they would rather keep you single. Misery loves company.
  2. If you are unwilling to figure out the real issues. These are the women who have convinced themselves all men are jerks and no one wants them because they…have kids, don’t have kids, work too much, don’t work, too fat, too skinny, too far, too close and my favorite…too independent! Ladies the majority of the time this is not the reason. It is more likely that you are too needy, whiny, crazy, dramatic, emotional, sexual, etc. I don’t know the exact reason but I see so many women that think they have it all figured out and the reality is they are too afraid or unwilling to fix the real issue. And the real issue is so much easier to fix than the fake one.
  3. You are still caught up in the memory of the guy who treated you like crap. Plain and simple you can’t be the girl who puts up with shit and the girl who gets treated with respect at the same time. Pick one and own it!
  4. You don’t feel great about yourself. Really? If you don’t think you look fantastic don’t expect a guy to think it. Part of looking great is rocking what you have! Don’t get me wrong you should be the best you possibly can both physically and mentally. But once you get there you need to rock the confidence.
  5. You entertain dick picks. That’s right! Think about what you do when you get a dick pick? Do you respond in some flirtatious way? Do you share with your friends and comment on the girth? Ladies, he is a pig and doesn’t deserve to even be in your conversation. There are women that actually think it is funny and count how many dick pics they get. You can’t be a collector of dick pics and be taken seriously. Pick one!

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