Don’t Be Afraid to get Naked

There are some women who feel sexiest flaunting their bodies and sporting sexy lingerie. Others prefer to be hidden behind layers of clothing and dread the day a man begins to peel these off. Who would you rather be?

It is important to feel sexy with your clothes off. Women should be able to enjoy sex. If they are self-conscious and focusing energy on how to hide their belly with a pillow, shut the lights and limit themselves to one position they are not going to be able to focus on the pleasure.

Looking and feeling your best is important in life and I think we all know the obvious truth about clean eating and exercise. The simple truth is we come in all shapes and sizes and even with the best habits some of us have a shape that we simply don’t like. Rather than waste energy on trying to hide ourselves from our partners we should work to overcome these thoughts and feelings.
Here are my suggestions on how to do this:

1. Your insecurity about your shape is far less attractive than your actual shape. I can promise you if a man is with you it is because he desires you! Trust that his intentions are good, especially if this is someone you have a healthy relationship with. If this is a hard belief for you to get behind then just fake it for a little while. Pretend you are confident with your body and that confidence will be so sexy!

2. Do not have sex with someone that is looking for a one night stand. They are basically just looking to have sex with anyone that is going to get them off. They will not appreciate your body or anyone else’s for that matter. Don’t take this personally and don’t give a player the power to make you feel worthless.

3. Learn to be a little more selfish when it comes to sex. So what if the guy thinks for a minute that your butt looks big? This doesn’t mean that you still can’t have great sex and enjoy every minute of it.

4. Let go of self-defeating, ridiculous fears. Just because one day your stomach is not at its flattest doesn’t mean he is going to leave you or even be grossed out. Have faith that your partner loves you much deeper than that. This is not meant to be an excuse to let yourself go. It just means not to worry that if you skipped the gym a few times or overate at a party that it is not going to be a deal breaker. If this does turn into a deal breaker for your partner then clearly they weren’t the one for you.

5. If someone doesn’t desire your body move on and find someone who does. I have heard men talk about loving tall girls with long legs while others love short cute petite ones. I have heard men that love big, beautiful women while other desire waif like ladies. It is all a matter of taste. But never believe that you won’t find someone to love you, your body and your mind!

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