Do You Run Here Often?

So you are on the treadmill and someone very cute hops on the bike right beside you. Do you say hello? Or just stay continue reading your magazine with your head set on?

So many people have made that popular resolution to hit the gym more and get back in shape. It is the perfect resolution for someone who is single! First of all looking and feeling your best will always make you more desirable in the dating arena. But it is also a terrific place  to find that perfect connection. I know many are thinking it sounds great in theory but how do you actually initiate a discussion with someone at the gym? I just happen to have a few great tips for you today!

1. First you have to get off the couch and go to the gym!

2. Look cute but not like you are trying to look cute. In other words don’t wear heavy make up, perfume and have your hair done perfectly. But at the same time wearing an over-sized t-shirt and grubby sweats will never work. Invest in some cute workout clothes, a good pair of sneakers and put your hair in a fun pony tail or head band. You are at the gym and really should look the part.

3. Remember that you are not the only one on the planet that is single at the gym. So many people I talk to are looking just like you. And if you happen to accidentally talk with someone who is married don’t sweat it (pun intended). Married people still like to chat and if they sense you are flirting they will likely just be flattered. Trust me this has happened to me quite a few times 🙂

4. Technology is making people less approachable more and more each day. If you are listening to your ipod use ear buds and only have one in. This way if someone walks up to speak to you, you will hear what they are saying. It is far less intimidating and awkward to approach someone that might actually hear you.

5. Pay attention to the obvious signs. If a guy jumps on the treadmill next you and all the other treadmills in the area are empty than he is hoping to have a conversation with you. Jump on the opportunity and say hello!

6. Wear a t-shirt or hat that will work as a conversation piece. I always have my clients wear one of our Date Doctor t-shirts because I get so many comments when I wear mine! Also anything with a favorite sports team will work. A great way to start a conversation is by saying “a Red Sox fan?”

7. If you are bringing a book or magazine have something eye catching. Someone on the treadmill next you just might comment on the cover of the book if it looks entertaining. This can lead you into a book discussion. Might I suggest Crush,

8. I want to share a quick story that actually happened to me. I was on the treadmill and my keys fell to the ground. They were not in the way and no one was going to trip over them so I left them. Personally I did not want to interrupt my work out. Moments later a very cute guy was walking by and he picked up my keys and handed them to me. I thanked him and joked about why I left them there. He smiled and then asked about my Date Doctor t-shirt. For me this was great for marketing as I gave the guy my business card and he ended up coming to a speed dating event. For my single friends this is a great strategy for meeting singles at the gym. Always a good idea to have your business cards handy whether you are looking for business or love!

9. Just remember attitude is everything! If you are confident and believe you will find true love in 2012 then you will certainly increase your chances of doing this.

10. And lets face it, having a great body will help a bit too. Physical attraction is important and you deserve to look and feel your best!

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