What I learned in High School about Valentines Day!

Stoughton High School back in the 80’s holds both good and bad memories for me. The worst came from that dreaded February 14! Some brilliant school personnel or PTO mom came up with the idea to have these young teens purchase  roses to be delivered to someone they had a crush on. We all waited patiently in or boring classes for the knock on the door. A student would enter the room with a big white box of roses. She would eagerly call out the names of the girls who received a rose and each would run up blushing and smiling as they read who it was from. In all 4 years of high school I never got up to claim that rose.

First let me tell you this whole concept is ridiculous! Why would the school even consider trying to teach these students that crushes, dating and love are valuable in High School? These are the same schools that run from talking about sex with the students. Oh right, health class does teach the basics about sex but I haven’t seen a curriculum that teaches kids about respecting their bodies, experiencing pleasure or how to handle the emotions tied in with sex. But they do teach you how to roll a condom over your penis. Thanks for your part public schools!

Because I never learned this as a teenager I will share with all of you today, 25 years later, why I never got a rose. Don’t get me wrong now, boys did notice me! I had a great body, cool clothes and well my face was fine. I was able to disguise my broken nose with make-up and big hair. Some didn’t even notice, at least I hoped. But locking a guy in after the sexy make out session in his car while drunk at a Quality Steel party was where I failed. And here are the reasons…

  1. Too available-When I had a crush on someone I would wait for them to arrive to the party and run straight up to them. I would call them if they didn’t call me, show up at their work and be right in front of their face any chance I had. Basically I had no game what so ever.
  2. I had no hobbies or interests outside these boys. So after the make out session, if I even had a chance to have phone call with them, I had nothing to talk about.
  3. No Self Esteem-I truly thought that all guys really wanted was a girl that looked hot. I know some of you guys are laughing because that is important! But eventually you have to scratch the surface and need to like what is underneath that sexy shell. With me I had very little so I just threw my body at them and couldn’t figure out why that wasn’t enough to keep them coming back!

Life is a learning experience and I hold know regrets or grudges. I gave these guys permission to treat me this way and honestly I didn’t warrant a rose back then!

Today I am proud to say I have learned from every one of those mistakes! Valentine’s Day is no longer something I dread! And it is not because I get roses (in fact I don’t). It is because I love and respect myself now. And because of that, I have brought a wonderful relationship into my life.

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