Do Bitchy Women Get Better Gifts On Valentines Day?

Most women who are in crappy, loveless, or emotionally neglecting relationships want the traditional hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day gifts! And truth is these husbands usually comply. They understand that their workaholic habits, secret infidelity or inability to meet their wives emotional needs can be  a lot to take. They may feel some hidden guilt or perhaps just find it easier to drop $365 on a Pandora bracelet than to listen to her nag about what they didn’t do! The sad part is that these women know they are guilt gifts yet still require and almost demand that they get them year after year. It never quite fixes the deeper wound the relationship is experiencing but it sure does provide some instant gratification.

Women who are in happier relationships require a lot less. You see these women get love and affection on a daily basis. They feel special most of the time and although walking in the door to some beautiful flowers on the kitchen table would brighten their day, there are no demands from this girl. There is no nagging and no deeper wounds to be covered up. In fact she is the type of woman that has no problem buying her own flowers if she so desires.

Newly dating couples have a whole different story. Let’s face it if you start dating someone in December it can be a little tricky. You have to get through the winter holidays and before you know it Valentines Day is here! Most men agree they don’t want anything! But making them a nice meal, wearing a sexy nightie under your clothes or giving them a massage could make it special. But guys, if you are newly dating a woman who has been single for many Valentines Days, you have got to go out on a limb and make her feel special. Whether you frame a special picture of the two of you, buy a cute children’s book about Valentines Day and paste some of your own photos in the book or send her flowers… it is really a safe bet! A please don’t think that doing this on the first Valentines Day sets a precedent for years to come. Because I can assure you that if your relationship is strong she won’t need those guilt gifts year after year.

In my opinion…the less she nags, complains and demands the more she deserves. But this doesn’t mean that it has to happen on Valentines Day. Make her feel special every day!

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