Dating Dads

Here are some quick tips for Dating Dads that may surprise you.pppp

  1. Dating Dads usually come with an ex. Remember they are your ex and it is not your responsibility to drop everything to help out. The sooner you get your ex to depend on someone else the sooner you will have your freedom to live your life.
  2. When a new date asks you about your divorce never blame the ex. It is really not an appropriate discussion for a new date. Keep your answer simple, honest and change the subject. Don’t use this as an opportunity to blast your ex. This will just make you look bitter and angry. Something that is very unsexy when you are trying to connect with a new lady in your life.
  3. Don’t over apologize to your new partner. Sometimes single dads have some guilt issues. When you screw up you need to own it. And you can usually find something you did to contribute to an argument. But if your new love never apologizes and constantly finds things to complain about you need to be careful. Stand your ground when you know you are right. But if you are always right you might need to take a closer look at things. And be careful about caving into tears and guilt. Once women figure out how to get their way they will reuse the strategy over and over.
  4. Avoid pulling out your phone to show your date pictures of your kids. It is hard to see, awkward and annoying. Even if your kids are ugly the date is forced to say they are cute. Save the pictures for someone that you have been dating for a while.
  5. Many dads have half and full custody and some feel badly leaving their kids for a date. The quality of your time with your kids far exceeds the quantity. Having a healthy relationship is going to make life happier all around and that’s a wonderful thing for your kids.

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