How to Date Like a Maniac

Dating like a maniac means that you are dating to an extreme. Not acting like a lunatic while dating. It’s about taking extreme measures to go on as many dates as you can for the rest of the month.

The reason this is a great idea is because…

  1. The more you date the less crap you will sacrifice from bad dates. If your pool of choices is bigger you will more quickly recognize those red flags and move onto the next.
  2. It is summer and can be so much fun to get out and meet new people. Even if the date isn’t the love of your life it still gets you out and doing something more interesting than watching TV.
  3. Every date good or bad brings you one step closer to finding exactly what you are looking for.

So now that we know why we are doing this let’s set the ground rules for our challenge.

  1. Get on match and be sure your profile rocks. Send the Date Doctor your username for a couple of free tips. Once your profile is looking great start writing to at least 10 singles a day. Stretch your age and zip code criteria slightly. If the man/lady of your dreams was an hour away and you could meet half way you would do it!
  2. Invest in yourself before you go out. If you are planning multiple first dates you only need one outfit. Make it a great outfit. Solid colors work best and be sure everything fits you in a way that is most flattering. Feeling great about how you look is going to make you so much happier and more confident. Do it for you! Not so much to impress those around you. Although we all know that everyone is looking for that attraction.
  3. Strike up a conversation with one person that you don’t know each day. This could be in line at the liquor store, working out at the gym or at the deli counter. It doesn’t matter if they are single or not. This is about you practicing talking to people you have never met. If someone isn’t friendly that is their problem. Many people have met their partner through these chance encounters. Just give it a try as you never know!
  4. Get out to a singles events. has a ton posted if you are in CT or VA. Otherwise check out your local meetup groups and push yourself to go.
  5. This is the biggest one…Ready…Lose all the negativity! I can hear the chatter in your head from here. “There are all the same losers at the meetup events”, “I can’t go alone to a speed dating event” and “I could never find 10 people on match to write to”! If you keep convincing yourself it is going to fail you will create that! Do you want to be right or do you want find your match?

Who is ready for the Challenge?





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