Clueless to Couple

Thankfully, an ex boyfriend saw how much of a mess I was in my dating life and gave Jaimy, The Date Doctor my phone number at a networking event. I had no idea who she was or what her job entailed when she called me. After agreeing to meet with her and discuss my past dating rituals, I knew Jaimy was introduced to me for a reason. She has the best advice at the best times, but I didn’t always follow it as I should. She watched me make mistake after mistake with different guys, over and over. She never judged me and just coached me through it.

Finally, I decided to trust Jaimy and begin following her rules. She has tried to guide me for months now and she was able to see that I was ready to do this right.
Soon after she texted me saying she met THE guy for me. She asked if I could wait until next week to meet him at a speed dating event, and due to my impatience I said simply, “no” and we both laughed.
Our first date was that night and it was the best decision I ever made. He took me to a magic show at a small theater downtown and we laughed until we cried. Not because it was funny, but because of how horrible it was. He was right beside me chuckling, telling me to breathe.  The rest of the night was flawless.
Each time we hang out is even more fun than the time before, if that is even possible. Our last date was the best. He came up with it on his own! We went to an antique shop, walked around together looking at everything and being playful. Then he gave me and himself $20 and we split up. We bought each other something we thought the other would like. Later that night, we exchanged gifts. It was a great opportunity to get to know one another and feel special from the thoughtful gift. For me, I am happier with the simple pleasures in life, rather than big lavish expensive dates.
Another highlight of the date was the fact that alcohol did not play a part in it. Typically (in my life) alcohol is involved in dates, meeting for drinks, drinks at dinner, staying out late at a bar with more drinks than needed, etc. However, Jaimy taught me that alcohol should be minimal in early dating and it makes sense. When I’m with this amazing man, I don’t even think about needing a drink. We have fun no matter what! I love it.
I end my story with a huge thank you to Jaimy for being so good at her job! As cliche as it sounds, I believe everything happens for a reason. And if I was never introduced to her, I would have never met this great guy or learned this much about myself and what I want in a partner.  ❤

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