The big question lately is whether or not an internet relationship is considered cheating. I don’t know if a divorce court judge would call this infidelity, but I sure would. Any time someone in a marriage is having a relationship that is being kept a secret and could potentially harm the relationship than it is cheating, as far as I am concerned. Imagine what could happen if we didn’t consider this cheating?

I truly believe that there are plenty happy, faithful relationships in this world but I understand with all that is happening in the media that many are starting to doubt this. The truth is that if you get married in this lifetime you are going to marry one of 3 types of men. You may not figure out which type you actually married for a long time. But eventually the truth will be revealed. Now I know most married ladies would insist that they are married to the first type of guy who I will call “The Loyalist”. But I have to tell you that many men fall into the next category that I will refer to as “The Tempted”. And I hope that none of you are married to the last group that I will be referring to as “The Prowler”. Because let me tell you they make the worst husbands!

The Loyalist

Be careful with the Loyalist. Just because he would never stray and never cheat doesn’t give you a free passage to let yourself go and change from hot to practical. Sure those Loyalist don’t even realize that cheating is an option. For many it is a deep religious belief, some have tremendous guilt issues or a perhaps a low self-esteem. But the very best Loyalists are just completely in love with you. They stay loyal because you are the one they want to be with day after day. They are attracted to you, enjoy their life with you and are smart enough to know that one quick night of passion from a sexy secretary at the office is hardly worth the potential consequences.

The Tempted

Many men fall into “The Tempted” classification. They are not looking to cheat on you. In fact they are typically happy and completely in love with you. But under the right circumstances they could be tempted to cheat. Now this category has a very wide range. The “Extreme Tempted” can successfully be manipulated by almost any woman who seduces them. They don’t seek these women out but if someone in the office makes them an offer, they almost always accept. As long as they didn’t initiate it they are able to rationalize the behavior. These are the guys that say “honey, I swear I wasn’t looking to cheat on you, it just happened.” Now some “Tempted” have a very high threshold for caving in on the temptation. They can say “no” to the massage therapist and unless it is that super-hot new waitress at the coffee shop than they have the ability to exercise some serious will power.

The Prowler

We hate “The Prowler” and many of us have a friend who is married to one. We simply define him as a “Jerk” and everyone wonders when she will wake up and kick him out. These guys are often hot, arrogant, manipulative and successful. Obviously, how else could they pull this role off? They hit on their wives friends, flirt with everyone and often accuse their wife of being jealous when in fact they are the ones who are inappropriate. They frequently get caught by their wives and always have a ridiculous excuse to defend their actions. Not only do these guys never turn down an opportunity to cheat, but they are always on the hunt. Eventually he will get caught or the wife will just continue to live miserably ever after!

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