Are You Really Fed Up With Being Single? Start Here!

People make lasting and dramatic changes in their lives when they become so fed up they can’t stand it anymore. We see this with folks who are fat or out of shape. We also see it with those who hate their careers. My husband actually started personal training about 3 months ago and gave up eating any processed carbohydrates. He looks and feels like a different man! I personally started my own business to escape working a 9 to 5 job that I hated! Many others have had similar experiences when they too have become fed up.

So now I want to ask you a question…

Are you fed up with being single?

Are you so sick of waiting for a date to call?

Are you tired of being blown off?

Do you just want to find someone to love and enjoy life with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are well on your way to getting fed up. And this is a good thing because you will be more likely to make lasting changes in your love life. Here is a little activity to get you started. But don’t do this until you are fed up and ready to change your love life forever!

  1. Write down all the reasons you are single. Don’t think too much about it! Just write what comes to mind. Perhaps you will say things like, “I am fat, all men suck, I have no money.” Just go ahead and put your thoughts on paper.
  2. Once you have your list I want you to rewrite the list it a positive manner. If you said you were fat, you need to restate it by saying “I am working hard to have a healthy body.” If you said that all men are jerks you need to change it to “I only attract nice men”.
  3. Once you have your new list it is time to burn the old one. Burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet.

This may sound corny but these are the steps that need to be taken! Once you can change the way you think you can change the way you date. I would love to help you take the next steps! But please only contact me when you are truly ready to change your life forever! It will not work if you continue to blame your ex, claim you are helpless, hate dating, etc…You need to come to me ready to change your life forever!


The Date Doctor

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