Am I a Jerk or a Stud?

Question for The Date Doctor:

I had a date 3 weeks ago with a girl that I like. Our schedules were tricky and our next date is to be this weekend. In the past week I met another the girl that has knocked my socks off. Everything was just perfect and I want to pursue this. I can’t get her off my mind and would love to be going out with her this weekend. But I worry about hurting the other girl and to complicate things my neighbor set us up. I think she was really looking forward to our date as her life is quite hectic. Do I do the right thing and take her out and miss a chance to go out with this new love interest of mine?

Ok Mr. Stud,

I hate to sound too harsh but I am speaking for all women when I respond to this… Don’t flatter yourself! I think girl #1 will be just fine without your date. The last thing any girl wants is a pity date. And your neighbor took this risk when she set you up. What are you going to do next, marry the girl to please your neighbor? Go out with the girl you have sparks with and enjoy every minute of it. Just please call girl #1 and let her know you need to cancel and end the relationship. A jerk would qualify as someone that just stood her up. Clearly you have too much character to do that or you wouldn’t be asking the question. Good luck! It sounds like you found what we are all looking for!
The Date Doctor

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