5 Things Singles Should NEVER Say!

No matter how frustrated you are saying these 5 things out loud or in your head won’t help you find love!
1. I give up-Well if you really give up I can’t really help you.
2. My love life is hopeless-That is because you keep convincing yourself it is.shutterstock_217147786
3. I am not meant to find love-The only people not meant to find love are those who don’t want it.
4. All the good ones are taken-That ridiculous!
5. I shouldn’t have to change-Happy, healthy people are always looking to change, grow and be better people. You don’t have to change to please a partner. Change because you are striving to be your best.
These thoughts will attract negative, miserable people into your life. Do you want to join the “pity me” club or find love!
If you are trapped in negative thinking mode snap yourself out of it! If you need some help the Date Doctor is in https://got5minutes.com/date-doctor-coaching/!

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